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CityLab is a professional consultancy with a singular focus on making better cities through design expertise, strategic thinking and effective delivery. We are committed to fair and equitable procurement processes, ensuring the best ideas rise to the top. We work with both public and private clients to ensure each project is built on a strong foundation, with a rich brief, a rigorous procurement process and a collaborative network of advisors and jury members.

CityLab is Australia’s number one design procurement consultancy, with experience working at all scales, from large to small, and in every state across the country. We pride ourselves on delivering systems and processes that both clients and design professionals trust. We are laser-focussed on delivering the highest design standards while meeting all technical and legislative project requirements.

The Team

CityLab is a small team of design professionals with deep roots in Australia’s built environment. We have extensive experience in assembling the best teams of people to deliver the best project solutions.


Andrew Mackenzie

Andrew Mackenzie is the Founding Director of CityLab. He has advised on competitions in every state in Australia, assisting both local and state government, as well as universities, cultural institutions, corporations and development authorities.

With over two decades of skill and experience working in the architectural sector Andrew is well placed to assist in the management and delivery of architectural procurement processes, with particular experience in complex design briefs. Andrew is also an architectural writer with a strong industry profile as a strategic design thinker and communicator. He hosts numerous design events, was a Creative Director of the 2015 AIA National Conference and is the Creative Director of Living Cities.


Annie Ryan

Annie is an Associate at CityLab. She works closely with the Director across all projects ensuring the timely delivery of programmes and a rigorous approach to document preparation. Her responsibilities range from compiling and reviewing design briefs, to liaising with clients and stakeholders. Annie has experience working in the design industry as an architectural assistant, and having graduated with a Master of Architecture, assists with the review and preparation of technical site information and architectural drawings.

Design Competition Coordinator

Marita Kaji-O’Grady

Marita has worked at CityLab since 2018 and provides project support to the Director, ensuring seamless project timelines and the meticulous organisation of CityLab’s operations. Marita liaises with clients and stakeholders and assists in the preparation of documents for competitions.

Project Officer

Phillip Pender

Phillip is the Project Officer at CityLab and works closely with the Director, Associate and Design Competition Coordinator to support the management of procurement processes. Phillip is also involved in industry research, design, architectural advice and workshop coordination. Phillip has a Master's in Architecture and prior experience working within the architecture industry.

Wellbeing Officer

Wilbur Mackenzie

Wilbur is an integral team member at CityLab, ensuring that the team maintains a healthy work life balance. Wilbur’s roles include monitoring productivity levels and managing tea breaks.

Design expertise

CityLab has longstanding connections with numerous design experts who are vital in the procurement process of high-quality architecture and design. Some of our recent design experts include:

Abbie Galvin

NSW Government Architect

Corbett Lyon

Founding Director, Lyons

Francine Houben

Founding Director, Mecanoo

Geoffrey London

Emeritus Professor of Architecture, University of Western Australia

Jeremy McLeod

Founding Director, Breathe Architecture and Founder, Nightingale Housing

Jill Garner

Victorian Government Architect and Principal, Garner Davis Architects

Jocelyn Chiew

Director of City Design, City of Melbourne

John Choi

Founding Partner, CHROFI

Kirsteen Mackay

South Australian Government Architect

Sadie Morgan

Director, dRMM and Commissioner of the National Infrastructure Commission UK

Sarah Lynn Rees

Associate and Lead Indigenous Advisor, Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Xu Tiantian

Founding Principal, DnA Design and Architecture


CityLab also works with a range of consultants whose expertise is tailored to each project every step of the way. The suite of consultants that we can either directly engage, or engage through the client, includes buildability consultants, sustainability experts, planners, First Nations design consultants, writers and proof editors, graphic designers, legal and probity advisors, quantity surveyors, and other technical specialists.