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Future Homes


Future Homes



Run by The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) in partnership with the Office of the Victorian Government Architect (OVGA) and CityLab, the Future Homes Competition forms the first phase of the two-phase Future Homes Project.

Seeking exemplar designs for apartment buildings to be replicable in middle suburban Melbourne environments, Future Homes aims to impact the future generation of housing across Victoria.

The winners of the Competition are Design Strategy Architecture + IncluDesign, LIAN, McGregor Westlake Architecture and Spiral Architects Lab. The four design teams responsible for innovative housing designs will work with the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning and the Office of the Victorian Government Architect to refine their designs for implementation.




Wurundjeri Country


Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Project type


Competition Winners

Design Strategy Architecture + IncluDesign // LIAN // McGregor Westlake Architects // Spiral Architects Lab

Jury (titles at time of engagement)

Jan McCredie

Director, McCredie Urban Design

Jennie Officer

Director, Officer Woods Architects

Jill Garner

Victorian Government Architect and Principal, Garner Davis Architects

Koos de Keijzer

Principal, DKO

Matt Cohen

Director Development Approvals & Urban Design, DELWP

Sadie Morgan

Director, dRMM and Commissioner of the National Infrastructure Commission UK

Tony Isaacson

Chairperson, Robin Boyd Foundation

Project Updates

08 November 2022

CityLab is excited to share that the four winning designs from the Future Homes Competition, of which CityLab was the Competition Advisor, are now available to purchase as part of the Future Homes program. The Maribyrnong Planning Scheme has now been updated to introduce the Future Homes pilot project including a new and bespoke planning provision to facilitate the streamlined delivery of high-quality, sustainable and liveable apartments, using one of the four Future Homes exemplar designs.

Victorian Government ↗

06 April 2021

Victoria’s Future Homes Competition winners announced

Architecture & Design ↗

31 March 2021

Future Homes winners announced.

Office of the Victorian Government Architect ↗

06 July 2020

Stage 2 shortlisted competitor announcement for Future Homes

Office of the Victorian Government Architect ↗

30 April 2020

First demonstration project announced for Future Homes.

Office of the Victorian Government Architect ↗

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