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Victorian Design Challenge 2020

Small Scale

Victorian Design Challenge 2020



The 2020 Victorian Design Challenge seeks creative solutions to the detriments of e-waste.

The Victorian Design Challenge is a two-stage design competition that comprises an open request for proposals, following a design stage for those shortlisted. The Challenge invites Victorian school students (primary and secondary) and professional designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators from around Australia and aims to highlight the capacity and responsibility of designers to contribute to shifting behaviour, raising awareness, redesigning products, or devising smart end-of-life solutions that reduce the negative impacts of e-waste.

Sam Barrett won the professional category with EcoElectronics, a design guide that revolutionises the way engineers and designers specify components that make up commercial and consumer products. The tertiary category winner is Phoebe Richardson with We’re all Toast, a four-part podcast that investigates the environmental and social impact of our love affair with cheap and convenient electronic goods. The student category winner is Finlay Van Lieshout and Kai Van Lieshout with The Ez-Recycle App, a purpose-built App to manage e-waste by extending the useful life of electronic devices and motivating users to properly recycle electronics.




Wurundjeri Country


National Gallery of Victoria

Project type


Competition Winners

Finlay Van Lieshout (Student), Phoebe Richardson (Tertiary), Sam Barrett (Professional)

Jury (titles at time of engagement)

Bas van Abel

CEO, Fairphone

Craig Reucassel

Presenter, War on Waste

Ewan McEoin

Senior Curator, Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture, NGV

Richard Hoare

Design Innovation Director, Breville

Rose Read

Director, E-Waste Watch Institute

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