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Arden Built Form Development

Transport, Urban & Masterplanning

Arden Built Form Development



CityLab was engaged by the Victorian Planning Authority to lead a series of workshops with Development Victoria, City of Melbourne, Transport Victoria, the Office of the Victorian Government Architect, VicTrack and Roads Victoria.

Arden is a precinct in Melbourne’s inner west that is undergoing rapid development and transformation. Located around the Metro Tunnel’s new Arden Station, this thriving neighbourhood of the future will be a transport-rich employment precinct that is important to the economic and social recovery of Melbourne. As a site of major urban renewal, it was also the subject of a planning scheme amendment in 2021. This was circulated to State government agencies for review and feedback.

As part of this agency review process, VPA offered to work with an interested agency group including transport, the City of Melbourne, planning and development agencies. CityLab was engaged to assist with this review process. The intention of the workshops was to bring together key agencies and stakeholders with the purpose of identifying and agreeing a range of key planning considerations to inform the planning amendment.

The Arden Structure Plan was gazetted July 2022, establishing the objectives, strategies, spatial layout and planning framework that will guide the precinct's development over the next 30 years.




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