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MTalks: Future Homes Melbourne's Liveable Apartments

Tuesday, 28 Mar 2023

MTalks: Future Homes Melbourne's Liveable Apartments

There was a time when the single-family home was the dominant form of architecture. Apartment design played a poor, compromised support act. That day is now over.

New award-winning apartment buildings are grabbing front pages, and more architects are diving into the opportunity. Yet what do we really know about their quality? Are they genuinely family-friendly? Are they long-term propositions, or just a make-do until something better comes along?

The answers to these questions lie in a range of unseen and little discussed design considerations. These design considerations formed the basis of the Victorian Government’s Future Homes challenge.

Come learn more about these homes and the many detailed—and often unseen—design considerations that make them model apartments for future living.

Illustration above by Board Grove Architects.




Panel discussion


Agency for Design Strategy with Inclu Design, Andrew Mackenzie, Lian Architects Pty Ltd, McGregor Westlake Architecture, Sarah Foster, Spiral Architects Lab

In collaboration with

MPavillion, Department of Transport and Planning, Office of the Victorian Government Architect