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Living Cities Landscape Lab: Inundation

Wednesday, 08 Mar 2023

Living Cities Landscape Lab: Inundation

Building on our ongoing Living Cities Forum series, the Living Cities Landscape Lab goes to the heart of the purpose of the Naomi Milgrom Foundation, which is to demonstrate the role design can play in improving lives.

Each year the Lab will focus on a pressing topic for investigation, applying a multidisciplinary lens to generate pathways to new solutions through the application of design principles.
The topic for the inaugural Living Cities Landscape Lab is Inundation, and will focus on the challenges presented by flooding. The inaugural Living Cities Landscape Lab will bring together experts in the fields of planning, hydrology, urban resilience, landscape architecture, ecology, engineering and infrastructure development, for an intensive workshop on how design thinking can be applied to our flood strategies. The program will be staged over five months around two core collaborative multi-disciplinary activities, with a range of public events occurring throughout.


Melbourne School of Design


Single day workshop