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Living Cities Forum 2023: Infrastructures of Life

Thursday, 16 Nov 2023

Living Cities Forum 2023: Infrastructures of Life

The Living Cities Forum 2023 invites globally celebrated thinkers, architects and designers to discuss Infrastructures of Life.

Living Cities Forum 2023 will explore infrastructure through a different lens. An equitable, sustainable, and inclusive lens. We will rethink infrastructure as the cultural, technological, and material frameworks around which our society is organised.

For many of us, the word infrastructure means mega-projects wrapped in weighty business cases. An epic bridge, a hydro-powered dam, fast trains or the pipes and poles that sit under the next vast sprawling sub-division.

Yet the infrastructure we need to collectively live well is much more. It spans housing, health, education, green spaces, diverse transport options, telecommunications, sports and cultural facilities and beyond.

When we rethink infrastructure through a wider lens many questions arise.

How do we rethink our inherited infrastructure, centuries in the making, but which are often engrained with disadvantage and ideologies that are more properly part of our history?

How do we plan for a future that more genuinely reflects the needs of an increasingly diverse society?

How do we account for rapidly changing environmental conditions?

How can we approach a new era of infrastructure, where data, information and interactivity is embedded into buildings, health care systems and even social interactions?

It is clear that these questions hold profound implications for how we live and whose interests are served by the visible and invisible infrastructures around us.

Infrastructures of Life will be an opportunity to radically rethink the layers of assumptions that sit behind the conventional infrastructure business case.

Infrastructure will instead be examined as a reflection of the public interests and values of all living entities - people, cultures and ecosystems – a system around which a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive society is organised.


The Edge, Fed Square


Single day forum


Carles Baiges Camprubí, David Fortin, Keller Easterling, Nashin Mahtani

In collaboration with

Naomi Milgrom Foundation