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Living Cities Forum 2017

Thursday, 21 Jul 2022 | 08:00 AM → 05:00 PM

Living Cities Forum 2017


The Living Cities Forum is an annual assembly exploring the role of design, planning and architecture in shaping our society.

The Living Cities Forum 2017 brought together leading international architects and urban thinkers to consider the factors that determine a healthy and vibrant city. How does history, geography, climate and culture contribute to making a better city? What role can design professionals play in the city’s evolution, and how do designers respond to shifting political contexts, while engaging with a diversity of users? The invited speakers shared their intimate knowledge of diverse cities, from London to Hong Kong and from Barcelona to Los Angeles, offering a unique opportunity to place the debates about Melbourne’s future in the context of a global urban discussion.




Single day forum


David Gianotten, Mimi Zeiger, Minsuk Cho, Marisa Yiu and Rory Hyde.