Andrew Mackenzie

Andrew Mackenzie is the Founding Director of CityLab. He has advised on competitions in every state in Australia, assisting both local and state government, as well as universities, corporations and development authorities.

Andrew is also an architectural writer and columnist, and has developed a strong industry profile, as a strategic design thinker and communicator. He has hosted numerous industry events and was a Creative Director of the 2015 AIA National Conference.

With over two decades of skill and experience working in the architectural sector Andrew is well placed to assist in the management and delivery of architectural procurement processes, with particular experience in complex design briefs.

Marita Kaji-O’Grady
Project Coordinator
Marita Kaji-O’Grady is the Project Coordinator at CityLab. She works closely with the Director across all Competitions ensuring timely delivery of Project schedules.


Over the past decade CityLab has worked with a number of consultants including Probity Advisors, Quantity Surveyors, Graphic Designers & Brief Writers. CityLab has a strong working relationship with many specialist consultants whose expert advice is beneficial for clients of any kind.

Anne Dalton & Associates
Probity Advisors

Anne Dalton & Associates provides full service probity advisory, governance and procurement services. CityLab has worked with Anne Dalton & Associates as the Probity Advisor for numerous Competitions. Anne Dalton & Associates is a supplier member of the Victorian Government Professional Advisory Panel (Probity ) and the Department of Defence Professional Services Standing Offer Panel (Probity Services).
Quantity Surveyors

Slattery is a property and construction advisory firm specialising in early phase advisory, quantity surveying and cost management.
Lynette Smith (gramma)
Copy & Brief Writer
Lynette Smith is the founder and managing director at gramma communications. She has more than 15 years of experience writing, producing and delivering communications for businesses, government and not-for-profit organisations.