Point Grey Design Competition

State VIC
Client Great Ocean Road Coast Committee
Competition EOI and Single Stage Design Competition
Winner Searle x Waldron Architecture, Edwards Moore and Bush Projects


Bronwen Hamilton Manager Victorian Design Review Panel OVGA
Jocelyn Chiew Campus Design Manager Monash University
John Wardle John Wardle Architects
Kristin Green Kristin Green Architecture
Richard Davies Former CEO of GORCC

The Competition
The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC) has invited multi-disciplinary teams to bring their creative ideas and inspiring design propositions to this prominent coastal site, which is of vital importance to both Lorne’s rich and layered past and to its economic future.

This competition is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create something truly unique and distinctive. The redevelopment will become a magnet for visitors and local alike, transforming Point Grey into an iconic important Victorian destination and recreational hub. Innovative built form and outstanding landscape architecture will combine with the location’s outstanding natural beauty. 

The Brief
The Brief noted that the competition is both an exciting opportunity for the reinvention of this historic coastal site, and also a complex challenge, to meet the site’s numerous environmental, social, cultural and economic demands.

The Winner
The winning submission deftly navigates the intimacies of scale and geometry, which together create a design response that is cohesive, responsive and adaptable.T he project’s narrative of tidal flux and shifting water levels is engaging and makes for a compelling design strategy.

The prominence and scale of the community hearth was commended, as an overt community and assembly device, with great potential for social equity. T he submission was commended as a highly successful collaboration of landscape architect and architects.