CityLab helps local and state government, universities, airports and cultural institutions find the best architects, urban designers, landscape architects and interior designers for their project.

Competitions and Procurement
CityLab advises on the full range of procurement options, from open, select and invited architectural competitions, to Expressions of Interest, Requests For Proposals and Requests for Tenders. CityLab can help guide the client to determine the most appropriate format and structure of their competitive process, understanding that each project has its unique set of priorities and requirements. We work with an extensive network of advisors, including: legal and probity advisors, project managers, graphic designer, editors, writers and drafting/modelling services.

Where a client has existing organisational infrastructure CityLab can work alongside this. Where they don‘t, CityLab can provide a full independent service, from beginning to end.

CityLab works closely with the Australian Institute of Architects to ensure that all competitions follow best practice and are endorsed.

Workshop Mediation and Facilitation
Andrew Mackenzie has extensive experience in hosting design-based workshops bringing together clients, stakeholders and design professionals for a range of project requirements.

CityLab’s facilitation service can include positive guidance workshops, site options testing, stakeholder engagement, industry forums and community engagement and consultation.

CityLab promotes ethical procurement, which is guided by respecting intellectual rights, embracing equity and transparency in the procurement process and investing in design briefs that are legible and rich with opportunity. CityLab’s guiding principles are sustained by the practical application of providing appropriate levels of site and existing condition information and observing competition and tender commitments. By fairly balancing all responsibilities, indemnities and liabilities, and respecting the role of jury members and selection panels, CityLab can facilitate and deliver a reliable and equitable process.

CityLab can provide a full procurement advisory service including: jury selection and management, stakeholder consultation and advice, brief writing and document development, site analysis, background and context research, moderating advisory groups and panels, communications and media advice, competitor management, contract development, liaising with the Australian Institute of Architects, technical and jury report writing, and secure document management.