ACM Cento Design Competition

State Victoria
Client Arts Centre Melbourne
Competition EOI and Two Stage Design Competition
Winner Cumulus Inc

Jury Members
Vanessa Bird, Bird de la Coeur Architects
David Islip, Office of the Victorian Government Architect
Hamish Lyon, Director NH Architecture
Frank Bischoff, Arts Centre Melbourne
Kristen Eckhardt, Arts Centre Melbourne

Arts Centre Melbourne sought out designs which made Café Cento ‘more comfortable for customers, increase its serving capacity and project a more generous civic presence’, whilst keeping its great location. The winning design by Cumulus Studio was titled ‘The Protagonist’ and looks at what lies behind the monolithic walls of the Arts Centre, aiming to create a destination that extends the arts-precinct experience into the city streets.

Every morning the curtains will be raised, allowing for a breadth of natural light, and then at night, the curtains will be lowered to signify the end of service. Once lowered, the curtain can be used for art projections, marketing of upcoming ACM events, and lighting to activate the precinct at night.

Jury member David Islip noted that “the Cumulus submission successfully met the complex brief requirements with efficiency and clarity of design intent.”